Medicare Cost Reports

What is included in your Medicare Cost Report?

Medicare Training & Consulting, Inc. has over 30 years of experience preparing Medicare Cost Reports. This report is used by the government to track the cost of Medicare and Medicaid programs. In addition, Medicare uses the data from the Medicare cost report to set reimbursement. Due to reductions in the Reimbursement System, choosing the right cost report preparer has never been more important.

Every year, Medicare Training & Consulting prepares over a hundred Medicare cost reports. Our highly trained and experienced consultants review and ensure that your Medicare Cost Report is prepared in compliance with all CMS’s regulations.





We provide expert Cost Report preparation services including:

  • Analysis of Accounting Records to ensure Compliance with Medicare Regulations
  • Year-End Adjusting Journal Entries, Adjusted Trial Balance
  • Cost Report Package for submission to corresponding Medicare Intermediary, including:

    • Electronic Cost Report
    • Work Papers related to Cost Report reclassification and adjustments
    • CMS Form-339 Questionnaire
    • Trial Balance
    • Grouping Schedule
    • Compiled Financial Statements
  • Electronic Cost Report File and copy of submitted Cost Report

Medicare Cost Report Preparation

Preparation of CMS annual Medicare cost report and supplementary schedules in one nice package, with suggestions for reimbursement opportunities when applicable. We also prepare the Medicaid cost report, in a similar fashion.


Medicare Cost Report Review Services

Review of the CMS annual Medicare cost report is prepared for you, to highlight any potential improvements, issues or omissions, and to offer suggestions to streamline the cost report preparation of future years.


Medicare Hospital Cost Report Preparation

Medicare Training & Consulting prepares several Critical Access Hospital cost reports. Our staff is well trained at the different reimbursement schedule for Critical Access Hospitals.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Cost Report

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan require each provider to file a Cost Report. Blue Cross reimburses its providers under Cost Reimbursement, which means providers are paid a percentage of their cost. Understanding the accounting rules can have a major impact on your Blue Cross Cost Report.

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