Need Help Filing CARES Act Forgiveness Forms Due by September 30, 2021

Need Helping Filing your CARES Act Forgiveness Forms by Sept 30, 2021

HHS has issued instructions and guidelines to submit forgiveness applications. All Medicare providers received CARES Act Provider Relief Funds in April, 2020 to compensate for lost revenues and PPE in Round 1, 2 & 3.. All providers must spend the Period 1 funds by June 30, 2021 for forgiveness or return the funds by September 30, 2021!


HRSA CARES Act Provider Relief must be filed by Sept 30, 2021

HHS notified providers that HRSA CARES Provider Relief must submit backup documentation for forgiveness no later than Sept 30, 2021.


10 Quarters of Financial and Employment Data Required

HHS is collecting the employment data for the last 10 quarters to understand the cost of COVID-19 on employees better.


Tax Payments on CARES Act Provider Relief Funds

If a provider didn’t spend all of their funds on Personal Protect Equipment (PPE) or their revenue increased. There are specific tax consequences to returning the CARES Act funds. Many CPA firms don’t have the time to dedicated understanding all of the complexities of the Provider Relief Funds.


Filing CARES Act Funds

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CARES Act Forgiveness Forms

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