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In Person Review Choice Demonstration Training -
November 16, 2023

Tulsa, OK

Review Choice Demonstration for Home Health Agencies

Thursday, November 16, 2023 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Palmetto’s training on the project’s mechanics may have given you a basic understanding of the process, but the real question is, do you know how to achieve success and ensure your documentation is accepted the first time? This is a crucial challenge that many agencies face, and it’s where Medicare Training and Consulting can make a difference. We understand that success in any project relies on more than just understanding the mechanics – it’s about knowing exactly what Palmetto is looking for and why they’ve turned their attention to Oklahoma. Join us, and we’ll guide your agency to success, offering you the insights and skills you need to thrive in this complex environment.

At our upcoming seminar, the primary focus will be on the documentation your agency must submit to secure an affirmed UTN for your bill. But what does that documentation need to look like to stand the best chance of approval? You’ll get clear answers and expert guidance to ensure your submissions meet the necessary standards. Additionally, we’ll address a pressing concern: how to receive both 30-day billing periods at once. Don’t forget your long-term patients; we’ll provide strategies and solutions to set them up for successful submission. Moreover, a comprehensive review of Chapter 7 will be offered to support the required documentation at your agency.

Join Dana Eichler, RN, for a highly informative day of RCD training, where you’ll learn the skills that have enabled countless providers to achieve 100% affirmation of RCD. The expertise and knowledge gained in this training will be a game-changer for your agency’s success. Don’t miss this opportunity to excel in your documentation and project implementation, ensuring that your agency’s submissions are not just compliant but also meet the highest standards of quality.

Purpose of Review Choice Demo

Palmetto has provided training on the “mechanics” of the project but do you know
HOW to be successful and submit the right documentation the FIRST time?


What are they looking for and WHY are they looking at Oklahoma?

Join Medicare Training and Consulting as we guide your agency to Success!


Focus of this seminar will be the DOCUMENTATION your agency needs to submit to
receive an affirmed UTN for your bill. What does that look like?

Medicare Training Review Choice Demo

How will you receive both 30-day billing periods at one time?


What to do about LONG TERM patients NOW to set up for submission

Review of Chapter 7 to support the required documentation at your agency will be

What Providers does Review Choice Demo Affect?

All Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies in Oklahoma

When does Review Choice Demo start in Oklahoma?


Selection Period begins on

October 16, 2023 - November 15, 2023


Any Episodes after December 1, 2023

What Choose Medicare Training for Review Choice Demo Training?


Medicare Training and Consulting assisted providers successfully get through the process in 2016. Documentation is the key to getting claims paid and avoiding a 100% reduction in reimbursement.

PGBA will have a new portal for you to submit your documentation. You will need to identify the data needed and staff to submit and correct rejections.

This seminar will focus on the DOCUMENTATION your agency needs to submit to get an approval before submitting your claim. Failure to get an approval will result in a 25% reduction in reimbursement.

Meet the Instructor


Dana Eichler, RN

Senior Clinical Consultant

Dana Eichler has 25 years in home care, previously supervised Quality Assurance Department for large agency with over 800 patients, BS, specializing in billing audits, working knowledge of multiple Point-of-Care software packages, expert in regulator and JCAHO issues. Dana is also one of our specialized retroactive / prospective CLIA trainers. She also a Certified Oasis Specialist-Clinical.


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Hotel Information

Tulsa, Oklahoma, often referred to as the “Oil Capital of the World,” is a vibrant city in the heart of the United States. Nestled along the Arkansas River, Tulsa boasts a rich history deeply intertwined with the oil industry and the famous Route 66. This dynamic metropolis combines a thriving arts scene, a diverse culinary landscape, and a strong sense of community, making it a hub of cultural innovation and economic growth. With its beautiful parks, world-class museums, and an ever-evolving downtown skyline, Tulsa offers a blend of tradition and modernity that continues to draw residents and visitors alike to its unique charm and opportunities.

Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center

1521 West 80th Street South,
Tulsa, OK 74132

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